Understanding Exchanges

Anyone looking to start trading cryptocurrencies is faced with an important question of choosing an exchange. It is a daunting task, as there over a hundred exchanges in the world and their number keeps growing every day. Bitcoin exchanges are the gateway between fiat and digital currency. They are the backbone of the Bitcoin industry, as numerous other services rely on them. Exchanges have collapsed in the past, therefore it is crucial to do your own due diligence before signing up.

List of Exchanges.

Useful Websites

Portfolio Trading Apps

  • Blockfolio.
  • Tab Trader.
  • Coin market app.
  • Drakdoo.

Trading Books

  • When to buy and sell a coin in cryptocurrency trading.
  • Creating multiple streams of income in cryptocurrency.
  • News and rumours in cryptocurrency trading & investment (secrets to milking the fat cow).

Downloadable via www.cryptodominationebooks.com

  • Technical analysis of the financial markets (John J. Murphy).
  • Mastering the trade (John Cater).