Abuja Cryptocurrency Hands-on Practical Training Session

Heard of Bitcoin or cryptocurrency? Confused about it and how it works or yet to maximize it in full?

If it’s your desire to learn about CryptoCurrencies and how best you can maximize them, plan to attend this Hit session. If you are around Abuja its Environs.

Come and learn
1. What is Cryptocurrency/Bitcoin?
2. Where does it come from?
3. How does it work?
4. How do I make money or Invest in it?
5. How do I start?

People who should attend:

  • Newbies
  • Investors
  • Professionals
  • Blockchain enthusiasts
  • Traders and investors
  • Government officials
  • Bankers
  • Civil servants
  • Business owners.
    Anyone interested in Cryptocurrency.

Disclaimer: This is not a Bitcoin Club, Ponzi Scheme, MLM or Referral Programs. We simply teach people how to trade and invest in cryptocurrencies by themselves. So, this is a hands-on practical training session. We encourage participants to come with their Laptops, Internet, Mobile Devices, Writing Journals as we take them on a practical journey into the over $600 billion world of cryptocurrency